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German Manufacturing Codes of Occupied Countries during World War 2
     These codes may be found on various wartime small arms manufactured in Nazi-occupied Europe during WW2. The following makers' codes are noted on some bayonet blades and scabbards, it is quite possible that they may also appear on firearms and related components. Two Swiss codes are noted. Switzerland was not an occupied country but Germany placed contracts with some factories there.
     Such examples of items produced in the occupied European countries are fairly rare, and obviously a good find for any collector who can locate and recognise them. All one needs to do is remember them, or list the particular codes, when looking through Kar98k Mauser bayonet blades and the like, in collections, or for sale by dealers. Their values are perhaps 50%, maybe even 100% more than for a regular German manufacturer. The following codes are most likely to have been marked in lower case rather than capital letters as indicated below. e.g. "ch", "gsb". "kfk", "mpr" &c.
          C.H.  F.N.  Browning          K.F.K.  Danish            G.S.B.  Belgian           K.S.B.  French                     G.S.C.  Belgian
          K.W.H.      Fiat                   G.V.Y.  Swiss            M.P.R. Swiss             J.W.H. Chatteralaut (French)


 MOD Pattern Room update..... The new Pattern Room facility at the Royal Armouries in Leeds is well under way. Jim Gooding (Museum Restoration Service) from Canada reports that he visited the Leeds site a few months ago and that building is progressing well. Some 13,500 arms (rifles, pistols, bayonets, MGs, SMGs HMGs, rocket launchers, &c.) will be going up to Leeds and the Pattern Room library is now available to researchers at the Royal Armouries reference centre. 

   Station Monograms are found marked on military transit cases and packaging as well as on some of the ordnance and various service accessories. The station monograms may also be found incorporated in various case headstamps, marked on ammunition chargers, clips and other production. Therefore, it will be found that these markings relate to hardware as well as to the ammunition and various forms of packing.
     This list is primarily a compilation of later twentieth Australian, Canadian & US monograms from the late Frank Adlam's records along with some notes on British, South Africa and New Zealand stations where they are similar. 

ADL   South Australia for RN, also
          Lenz & Ladysmith, South Africa
ALB   Albany, West Australia
AU     Albury, NSW
BGT   Bogan Gate, NSW
BMH  Bacchus Marsh, Vic.
BRIS  Brisbane, RNAD
BRIS  Ashgrove, Qld.
CTW  Charters Towers, Qld.
DK     Deer Park, Vic.
DEN   Denman, NSW
DN     Darwin, NT
FT(A)  Fleet Train (Aust.)
FTL     West Australia (for Royal Navy)
FWA   Fremantle, WA
FWA(B) Byford, WA (for Royal Navy)
GBK   Glenbrook, NSW
GDN   Gladstone, SA
HB      Hobart, Tas.
HDN    Helidon, Qld.
HG      Hendon, U.K.
HOB    Hobart, Tas (for Royal Navy)
KWD   Kingswood, NSW
KWN   Kowguran
MA      Lithgow, NSW
MAB   Bathurst, NSW
MAN   Mangalore, Vic.
MAO   Orange, NSW
MB     Ballarat, Vic.
MBO   Bendigo, Vic.
MC     Finsbury, South Australia
MD     Derwent Park, Vic.
MDK   Albion
ME     Maribyrnong, Vic.
MEP   Maribyrnong, Vic.
MEF   Maribyrnong, Vic.
MEC   Maribyrnong, Vic. (cordite factory)
MEL   Melbourne, Vic (for Royal Navy)
MEM  Mulwala, NSW also Membury UK?
MF     Footscray, Vic. (also Maribyrnong)
MFA   Albury, NSW
MFB   Broken Hill, NSW
MFG   Goulburn, Vic.
MFW  Wagga Wagga, NSW
MH     Hendon, Vic., No.3
MJ      Hendon, Vic., No.4
MJB    Hendon, Vic.
ML      Maribyrnong Munitions Supply Lab.
           (also Mildenhall UK and Mosul UK)
MO     Maribyrnong Ordnance Factories
MOM  Momote
MPM  Mildura, Vic.
MPT   Tamworth, NSW
MQ     Rocklea, Qld.
MR     Rutherford, NSW
MRO   Marrangaroo, NSW
MS     Salisbury, SA No.2 (also Mauritius)
MSP   Port Pirie, SA
MT      South Melbourne
MV      Villawood, NSW 
           ... Those with a number suffix,
           e.g. MV 20 are UK stations)
MW     Welshpool No.6, WA.
MY      St. Mary's, NSW
MYM   Myambat, NSW
NOK    Nokanning
PM      Port Moresby, New Guinea
SCK    Snake Creek, NSW
SEY    Seymour, Vic.
SPH    Spring Hill, WA
SWID  Swan Island, Vic.
SYD    Moorebank, NSW
SYD    Sydney, NSW (for Royal Navy)
TI        Thursday Island, Qld.
TOC    Tocumwal, NSW
TV      Townsville, Qld.
WGA  Wagga Wagga, NSW
WGA  Wallangarra, Qld. (1961)

New Zealand:
LNZ   Lyttletown

AC     Brownsburg
BC     Beloeil
BF/C  Bishop's Falls
BN/C  Borden
BO/C  Bouchard
  A [over] 
CQA   Canadian Arsenals Ltd.*
CIL     Canadian Industries Ltd.*
CR/C  Cherrier
 DA [over]
DAQ   Dominion Arsenals, Quebec (S.A.A.)*
DC     Defence Industries, Brownsburg*
DE/C  Debert
DI       Dominion Industries, Verdun
DJ/C   De Beaudeau
DS/C  Delson
DU/C  Dundurn
ER/C  Buckingham
ESQ   Esquimalt (Royal Canadian Navy)
BG/C  Granby
HAL    Halifax (Royal Canadian Navy)
IFS/C  International Flare Signal Co.*
JO/C   Johnstown
KA/C  Kamloops
KAM  Kamloops (Royal Canadian Navy)
KBY   Kirby
LA/C  L'Arcadie
         Mobile Ammunition Repair Unit
MG/C McGiuney
ML/C  Marleau
NA/C  Nanaimo
NFLD  Newfoundland (Royal Canadian
PE/C  Petawawa
PG/C  Pickering
QU/C  Valcartier
REN   Renous (Royal Canadian Navy)
SC/C  Scarborough
SJ/C   St. John
TWH/C T.W. Hand, Cooksville*
VY/C   Viliroy
WA/C  Wainwright
WH/C  Whitebourne
WI/C    Winnipeg
WT/C   McDonald Chemical, Waterloo*

* These appear to be manufacturer designations, the remainder in this list are for locations of Ammunition Depots


United States:
ALA    Alabama Ordnance Works
AOP   Arkansas Ordnance Plant
APG   Aberdeen Proving Ground
BAJ    Badges Ordnance Works
CHK   Chickasaw Ordnance Works
COP   Cornhusker Ordnance Plant
DEN   Denver Ordnance Plant (S.A.A.)
DM     Des Moines Ordnance Plant
DOD   Delaware Ordnance Depot
EC     Evansville Chrysler Ordnance Plant
ECS   Evansville Chrysler Sunbeam
         Ordnance Plant
EA     Edgewood Arsenal
EW    Eau Claire Ordnance Plant (S.A.A.)
FA     Frankford Arsenal (S.A.A.)
GM    General Motors
GMR  Gibbs Manufacturing & Research
GR     Green River Ordnance Plant
HOL   Hosten Ordnance Works
IA      Indiana Ordnance Plant
IL       Illinous Ordnance Plant
IOP    Iowa Ordnance Plant
IOW   Indiana Ordnance Works
JA      Joilet Arsenal
KEN   Kentucky Ordnance Plant
KEY   Keystone Ordnance Works
KNK   Kankakee Ordnance Works
LC      Lake City Ordnance Plant (S.A.A.)
LOP   Louisiana Ordnance Plant
LS     Red River Arsenal (Lone Star Div.)
KN     Kansas Ordnance Plant
MA     Milan Arsenal
OA     Ogden Arsenal
OAP   Ordnance Assembly Plant
OKL    Oklahoma Ordnance Works
OOP   Oak Ordnance Plant
 P [above]
PA      Picatinny Arsenal
PLM    Plumbrook Ordnance Works
RA      Raritan Arsenal
RA      Remington Arms (S.A.A.)
RAD    Radford Ordnance Works
RAPD  Raritan Arsenal Publication Dept.
RD      Redstone Arsenal
REM   Remington Arms  (105mm, S.A.A.)
RIA     Rock Island Arsenal
ROP   Rovenna Ordnance Plant
SL      St. Louis Ordnance Plant (S.A.A.)
SOD   Savanna Ordnance Depot
SOP   Sangamon Ordnance Plant
TW     Twin Cities Ordnance Plant (S.A.A.)
 U [above]
UT      Utah Ordnance Plant (S.A.A.)
WC    Wolf Creek Arsenal
WCC  Western Cartridge Co. (S.A.A.)
WRA  Winchester Repeating Arms
WVW West Virginia Ordnance Works

  Abbreviations found in service manuals and reports are sometimes quite obvious but at other times, they are not. These abbreviated designations can also appear on weapons, ammunition and equipment.
The following list is generally post-Great War vintage and therefore it is applicable to many of our studies, (British, Empire and Commonwealth oriented, that is)...
A.A.      Anti-aircraft
A.A.A.   Anti-aircraft Artillery
A.C.      Army circular
A/C       Aircraft
A.F.V.   Armoured fighting vehicle
A.K.      American 'K' device
A.P.      Armour piercing or After proof
A.P./I.   Armour piercing incendiary
A.P./T.  Armour piercing tracer
A.R.      Aiming rifle or Anti-radar
A.T.      Aiming tube
A./T.     Anti-tank
B.F.M.  Belt-fed mechanism
B.L.      Breech loading
B.M.     Breech mechanism
B.P.      Black powder (gunpowder)
B.W.X.  Beeswax
C.A.      Coast artillery
C.D.      Coast defence
C.E.S.   Complete Eq'pment Schedule
C.M.T.   Corrected mean time
D.C.      Direct current
D.C.I.'s  Defence Council Instructions
D.S.      Discarding sabot
E.M.E.R.  Electrical & Mechanical
             Engineering Regulations
F.A.       Fully automatic or fixed auto.
F.S.       Field service
F. of M.  Figure of merit
G.         Gunpowder
G.C.      Guncotton
G.O.      Gas operated
G.P.      General purpose
G.S.      General service
H.C.      Hollow charge or High capacity
H.E.      High explosive
H.E./I.   High explosive incendiary
H.S.      Hispano-Suiza
H.V.      High velocity
L.C.       List of Changes paragraph no.
LoC       List of Changes paragraph no. 
L.M.G.   Light machine gun
L.S.       Land service
L.V.       Low velocity
M.C.      Machine carbine
M.E.      Muzzle energy
M.G.      Machine gun
MK        Mark
M.L.       Muzzle-loading
M.L.O.   Muzzle-loading ordnance
M.M.G.  Medium machine gun
M.O.A.   Minute of angle (optical)
M.P.B.   Mean point of burst
M.P.I.    Mean point of impact
M.T.      Mean time or  Missed target
M.V.      Muzzle velocity
N.C.      Nitro-cellulose
N.G.      Nitro-glycerine
N.R.N.   Nobel rim neonite
N.S.      Naval service
N/T        Night tracer
O.P.      Observation post
O.F.M.  Obsolete for future manufacture
P.E.      Plastic explosive
P.I.A.T.  Projector, infantry, anti-tank
P.S.A.   Percussion small arm
Q.F.      Quick firing
R. & E.  Range & elevation
R.B.L.   Rifled breech loading
R.C.      Reduced charge
R.C.L.   Recoilless
R.D.      Research department
R.M.L.O. Rifled muzzle loading ordnance
R.O.      Rifled ordnance
R.T.       Range table
R.V.      Remaining velocity
S.A.      Small arms or semi-automatic
S.A.A.   Small arms ammunition
S.A.P.   Semi-armour piercing
S.A.T.   Small arms training
S.B.      Smooth bore
S/C       Sub-calibre
S.F.G.   Sulphur-less fine grain
S.L.      Separate loading
S.L.E.   Short Lee-Enfield
S.P.      Self-propelled
S.S.      Sea service
T.          Tracer
T.N.T.    Tri-nitro-cellulose
T.P.I.     Threads per inch
T.V.       Terminal velocity
V.A.O.S Vocabulary of Army Stores
            List of Changes paragraph
          List of Changes paragraphs

     Some interesting makers & offices were nominated in this tabulation too:
B.E.S.A.  British Engineering
            Standards Association
B.S.S.  British Standard Specification
B.T.C.   Broadway TrustCo.
C.O.W. Coventry Ordnance Works
E.S.C.  English Steel Corporation
D.I.L.    Defence Industries Ltd.
I.C.I.     Imperial Chemical Industries
N.P.L.   National Physical Laboratory
T.A.W. Thames Ammunition Works

    And in Service Parts Catalogues:
BA    British Association screw thread
BSF  British Standard fine thread
BSW British Standard Whitworth
BWG Birmingham wire gauge

  Ordnance factory and ordnance depot abbreviations appear in various service literature and reference books from the early 19th century. Also included here are other related service establishment abbreviations from the 18th & early 19th centuries.
A.I.D.       Army Inspection Department
C.G.O.     Commissary-General of
D.D.E.      Design Department Enfield
O.C.         Ordnance Committee
O.F.         Ordnance Factory
O.S.C.      Ordnance Select Committee
R.A.         Royal Artillery 
R.C.D.      Royal Carriage Department
R.E.         Royal Engineers
R.E.V.S.   Royal Engineers Vocabulary
                  of Stores
R.G.F.      Royal Gun Factory
R.G.P.F.   Royal Gunpowder Factory
R.L.          Royal Laboratory
R.N.D.       Royal Naval Depot
R.N.O.D.   Royal Naval Ordnance Depot
R.O.F.       Royal Ordnance Factory
R.S.A.F.    Royal Small Arms Factory
R.S.A.R.F. Royal Small Arms Repair
S.A.C.       Small Arms Committee
S.A.I.D.     Small Arms Inspection Dept.
S.G.O.      Surveyor-General of Ordnance
S.R.S.A.F. Superintendent Royal Small
                 Arms Factory
W.O.         War Office

  Small arms abbreviations regularly encountered in service and contemporary references are listed here for newcomers (and old hands too?) to the British military collecting scene. Some of these abbreviations may also found marked on the action bodies of 19th century vintage firearms.
B.A.Co.     Braendlin Armoury Co. Ltd.
B.E. Co.    Blenheim Engineering
BR            Birmingham Repair Factory
B.S.A. Co. Birmingham Small Arms Co.
B.S.A.& M.Co.  Birmingham Small Arms
                  & Metals Co.
A.C.          Artillery Carbine
A.C.I.        Artillery Carbine Mk I (also II, III)
C.C.          Cavalry Carbine
C.C.I.        Cavalry Carbine Mk I (also II, III)
DP            Drill Purpose arm
EFD          Enfield R.S.A.F.
E.-M.         Enfield-Martini (.402-in. trials)
EY            Emergency Use Only
FR            Factory Repair
FTR           Factory Thorough Repair
H.B.Co.     Henry Rifled Barrel Co., 1878-
H.R.B. Co. Henry Rifled Barrel Co. to 1878
L.A. Co.     London Armoury Co.
L.E.           Lee-Enfield
L.E.C.        Lee-Enfield Carbine
L.E.R.        Lee-Enfield Rifle
L.S.A. Co.  London Small Arms Co.
M.E.          Martini-Enfield
M.E.C.       Martini-Enfield Carbine
M.E.R.       Martini-Enfield Rifle
M.H.          Martini-Henry
M.H.C.       Martini-Henry Carbine
M.H.R.       Martini-Henry Rifle
M.L.E.       Magazine Lee-Enfield
M.L.E.C.    Magazine Lee-Enfield Carbine
M.L.E.R.    Magazine Lee-Enfield Rifle
M.L.M.       Magazine Lee-Metford
M.L.M.C.    Magazine Lee-Metford Carbine
M.L.M.R.    Magazine Lee-Metford Rifle
M.M.          Martini-Metford
M.M.C.       Martini-Metford Carbine
M.M.R.       Martini-Metford Rifle
N.A.& A.Co. National Arms & Ammunition
R.S.M.L.E.  Rifle, Short Magazine Lee-
Sk              Sparkbrook, Birmingham
S.M.L.E.     Short, Magazine Lee-Enfield
V.A.           Vickers Armstrong
V.A.C.        Vickers Armstrong, Crayford
V.A.E.        Vickers Armstrong, Erith
V.S.M.        Vickers Sons & Maxim 
W.R.A.Co.   Westley Richards

  Abbreviations used by military manual printers appear on the Small Arms Training pams and other such service publications. The British printers abbreviations include:
A.P.& S. Ltd.  Alabaster, Pasmore
                      & Sons Ltd.
G.C. Ltd.        Greycaine Ltd.
H.M.S.O.       His Majesty's Stationery
                     Office (or Her Majesty's)
H & S Ltd.      Harrison & Sons Ltd.
K.H.K.            Keliner, Hudson & Kearns
P.L.H. & Co.   Percy Lund, Humphries 
                       & Co.
W.C.& S Ltd.  William Clowes & Sons Ltd.
W.O.P.           War Office Press
W.& S. Ltd.     Wilding & Sons Ltd.

     Gale & Polden, Bernards Publishers as well as Nicholson & Watson printed many pams on small arms topics too. Many of these titles were also available for private purchase. However, during WW2 this practice of over-the-counter retail sales was curtailed primarily for security reasons.

  Designations found on drawings:
S.A.I.D.   Small Arms Inspectorate Dept.
A.D.D.(S) Army Design Department (Aust.)
A.I.D.       Army Inspectorate Department
D.D.(E)    Design Department (Enfield)

  Some Australian ones too
M.G.O.    Master General of Ordnance
A.D.D.     Army Design Department
A.D.D.(A) Army Design Department (Aust.)

  Some more British service abbreviations and service establishments encountered in Great War and WW2 period references...


C.I.N.O.  Inspector Naval Ordnance, Bath
D.O.D.    Operations division
H.M.S.  'Excellent'    Portsmouth shore base
H.M.S.  'Cambridge'  Plymouth shore base
H.M.S.  'Birnbeck'     Somerset shore base
War Office:
C-i-C      Commander in Chief
C.O.S.   Controller of Ordnance Services
D.M.T.    Director, Military Training
D.o A.     Director of Armaments
D.R.A.    Director, Royal Artillery
D.R.A.C. Director, Royal Armoured Corps
D.W.D.   Director, Weapons & Development
M.C.S.    Military College of Science,
S.A.C.     Small Arms Committee
S.o D.     Superintendent of Design
S.W.E.    Senior Weapons Engineer

Air Ministry:

D.G. (Arm) Director General, Armaments
D.G.E.       Director General of Equipment

Ministry of Supply:

A.I.D.        Army Inspection Department
C.E.A.D.   Chief Engineer & Superintendent of
                Armaments Design, Fort Halstead
C.E.A.D.(Cheshunt)- Chief Engineer & Supt. 
               Armaments Design, Cheshunt
C.I.A.       Chief Inspector of Armaments
C.I.A.(W)  Chief Inspector of Armaments
C.I.S.A.    Chief Inspector of Small Arms
C.S.O.F.  Chief Superintendent of Ordnance
P.& E.O.  Proof & Experimental Officer
D. of A.    Director of Artillery
D.G. of A. Director General of Artillery
D.G.F.      Director General of Factories
D.G.O.F.   Director General of Ordnance
D.O.F.      Director of Ordnance Factories
D.W.P.     Director of Weapons Production
R.O.F.      Royal Ordnance Factory
W.& E.     Weapons & Equipment

A.M.R.   Australian Munitions Representative
B.A.D.    British Army Delegation 
              (Washington D.C.)
C.I.E.     Chief Inspector of Explosives
M.L.O.    Military Liaison Officer
R.A.O.C. Royal Army Ordnance Corps
R.E.V.S. Royal Engineers Vocabulary
               of Stores
S.R.        Superintendent of Research


A.H.Q.   Army Headquarters
A.I.S.    Army Inspection Service

M.G.O.  Master General of Ordnance 

More noted in service pams:
A.C.I.     Army Council Instruction
A.O.      Army Order
A.T.I.     Army Training Instruction
A.T.M.   Army Training Memorandum
D.C.I.s   Defence Council Instructions
G.O.      General Order
G.S.      General Staff
I.T.M.     Infantry Training Manual
O.C.      Officer Commanding
S.A.T.    Small Arms Training
S.A.E.D. Small Arms Experimental Depot
S.M.R.C. Society of Miniature Rifle Clubs
W.T.M.   Weapons Training Memorandum

  With many new books available, serious collectors need source material. The prime reference is 'List of Changes in British War Material', the monthly issues re-printed in 5 vols., 1860-1926. [see Reprints]. For WW2 production, 'British Small Arms of World War 2'  lists makers and codes on small arms, edged weapons, MGs. An advantage to know more about your subject than other collectors.

  Australian Manufacturer's Monograms for ammunition production
MB (gun ammo)    Ballarat No. 4
MDK (gun ammo)  Albion No. 5
ME (gun ammo)    Maribyrnong No. 1
MEM (gun ammo) Mulwala No. 6
MF (S.A.A.)          Footscray No. 1
MG (S.A.A.)          Footscray No. 2
MH (S.A.A.)          Hendon No. 3
MJ (S.A.A.)           Hendon No. 4
MQ (S.A.A.)          Rocklea No. 5
MS (gun ammo)     Salisbury No. 2
MV (gun ammo)     Villawood No. 3
MW (S.A.A.)          Welshpool No. 6
MY (gun ammo)     St. Marys No. 3
MEC (propellant)    Maribyrnong Cordite
MO (empty shell)   Maribyrnong Ordnance
MA (small arms)    Lithgow (81mm mortar
                              bomb bodies)
And a little earlier in time

CAC       Colonial Ammunition Company

  Black powder abbreviations...
F.G.       Fine grain
R.F.G.    Rifle fine grain
2  Rifle fine grain (for M.-H. rifles)
1    Machine gun 
L.G.       Large grain
R.L.G.    Rifle large grain
P.          Pebble 
S.P.       Selected pebble
And some smokeless...
C           Cordite
GC        Gun cotton

NC         Nitro-cellulose
MD        Modified (cordite)

   'L'-prefix Nomenclature
This listing of ‘L’ series Rifles & MG's still has a few gaps. L-prefix nomenclature was introduced into British service (and Australian too) in the mid-1950s. It also applies to other ordnance; we see items such as ‘L2 55mm Smoke Bomb’, ‘L2 hand grenade’ and ‘L9 SUSAT sight’. Separate and distinct ‘Lx’ nomenclature was applied to other munitions also... those relating to small arms are listed here. Do you have additional info? E-mail  

L1A1 Rifle, 7.62mm (Canadian service is C1 & C1A1)
L2A1 Automatic Rifle in Australian service (Canadians have C2 & C2A1—
           there is no British equivalent Automatic Rifle)
L2A1 Submachine Gun (Sterling) - but only in British service.
L2A2 Submachine Gun (improved version of L2A1 - British only)
L2A3 Submachine Gun (improved L2A2 - British only, currently in service)
L3A1 .30 cal Browning M1919A4 (fixed gun). Aust service, AFV.
L3A2 .30 cal Browning M1919A4 (flexible). Aust service, AFV.
L3A3 .30 cal Browning M1919A4 (fixed) w/ modified rear sear hold-open
           conversion, currently in Aust service with AFV.
L3A4 .30 cal Browning M1919A4 (flexible), as for L3A3.
C3     7.62mm Parker Hale M82 Sniper Rifle in Canadian service.
L4A1  7.62mm Bren LMG conversion (X10E1) with Mk I bipod & steel barrel.
L4A2  7.62mm Bren LMG conversion (X10E2) w/ lightened bipod, steel barrel.
L4A3  7.62mm Bren LMG conversion of Mk II Bren (prior L4A1 & L4A2 were converted Mk III Bren) - these 3 guns UK service only.
L4A4  7.62mm Bren LMG conversion of Mk III Bren, one chrome & one steel barrel each. Also in current Aussie service.
L4A5  7.62mm Bren LMG conversion (ex-Mk III) w/ 2 steel barrels, Naval.
L4A6  7.62mm Bren LMG conversion, upgraded L4A1 w/ chrome barrel.
L4A9  7.62mm Bren LMG conversion, with GPMG dovetail.
L5A1  Mounting Tripod, 7.62mm MG.
L6A1  12.7mm Ranging Machine Gun on Centurion, ranging gun for 105mm tank gun.
L7A1  7.62mm Machine Gun, British-made version of the FN MAG. 200-rd. belt.
L7A2  7.62mm Machine Gun, improved L7A1 with revised feed mechanism and provision for fitting 50-rd. belt box under receiver.
L8A1  7.62mm Machine Gun, AFV; redesigned L7. Butt removed, firing solenoid.
L8A2  7.62mm Machine Gun, AFV, improved variant of the L8A1.
L9A1  9mm Pistol, Browning Hi-power, previously the Pistol No.2 Mk I*.
L10     ?
L11A1 9mm Automatic Pistol Kit (same as L9A1 but with accessories & kit).
L11A1 12.7mm Machine Gun (.50 cal M2 ranging), another designation for L6A1 in AFV service. Obsolete.
L12A1 .22 Conversion Kit by Heckler & Koch, for L1A1 rifle.
L12A1  9mm Blank Fire Attachment, Blank ammunition.
L13A1  5.56mm Blank Fire Attachment, Blank ammunition.
L14A1  84mm Carl Gustav Anti-Tank, in Australian service.
L15      ?
L16      81mm Mortar.
L17 & L18 ?
L19A1  7.62mm L7 series with heavier barrel to preclude barrel changes.
L20A1  7.62mm L7 adapted for Helicopter, for use in pods & external mounts.
L20A2  7.62mm L7 Helicopter Machine Gun, slight variant of L20A1.
L21A1  30mm Rarden cannon for AFV. Also obsolete name for .50cal L11A1 ranging gun, with barrel 152mm longer than L6A1.
L21A1  12.7mm [.50 cal] MG ?
L22      ?
L23A1  Rifle, 7.62mm Instructional.
L24A1  .50cal MG, Ranging Drill.
L25A1  Rifle Instructional, training version of L1A1. Non-firing model, but different to L1A1 DP.
L26A1  Rifle Instructional, variant of L25A1.
L26A1  30mm Rarden
L28      ?
L29A1  .22 Trainer
L29A2  .22 Sportco Model 71S Trainer
L30A1  .50cal M2 HB DP (drill purpose) variant, also sometimes referred to as 12.7mm L2A1, DP.
L31      ?
L32A1  12ga Automatic loading FN Browning Riot Gun.
L33A1  .30 cal L3 Browning AFV Fixed Machine Gun, DP variant. 300 made.
L33A2  .30 cal L3 Browning AFV Flexible Machine Gun, DP variant.
L34A1  9mm Submachine Gun. Silenced version of L2A3 Sterling.
L35      ?
L36A1  7.62mm Machine Gun. Instructional skeleton model of L7.
L37A1  7.62mm L7 Machine Gun for AFV; special barrel for tracer. Mixture of L7 & L8 parts to enable removal for perimeter defence.
L37A2  7.62mm L7 Machine Gun, AFV, improved. Can be used on Challenger AFV.
L38      ?
L39A1  7.62mm Rifle, conversion of .303 No. 4 Mk I/2 or I/3 for competition.
L40A1  12.7mm Ranging Gun, used with Wombat anti-tank weapon. Also called .50 cal spotting gun, M8C.
L41A1   7.62mm Machine Gun, drill (inoperable model L8).
L42A1   7.62mm Sniper Rifle, conversion of .303 No. 4 (T).
L43A1   7.62mm Machine Gun, variant of L7, used on the Scorpion as a ranging gun.
L44A1   7.62mm Machine Gun, for Helicopters, Naval. Variant of L20.
L45A1   7.62mm Machine Gun, Drill version of L45.
L46A1   7.62mm Machine Gun, drill (Skeleton model L7A1/A2).
L47A1   7.65mm Pistol, Walther PP. By Manuhrin, France.
L48A1   37mm (1.5 in.) Riot Gun. Grenade Launcher.
L48A2   37mm Riot Gun, upgraded variant of L48A1.
L49       9mm DP L2A3 SMG
L50       9mm DP Sten Mk II Machine Carbine
L51       9mm DP Sten Mk III Machine Carbine
L52       9mm DP Sten Mk V Machine Carbine
L53       ?
L54A1   .303 DP variant of the Bren LMG.
L55A1   7.62mm DP variant of the L4A4 LMG.
L56       .30 cal DP variant of the L3 Browning AFV MG.
L57 & L58 ?
L59A1   D.P. conversion of No. 4 rifles for (Cadet use).
L60 to L64 ?
L65       ?
L66A1   5.6 x 16mmR (.22RF) Pistol Automatic, Walther, target. By Manuhrin, France
L67A1   37mm (1.5in.) Riot Gun. Arwen Grenade Launcher.
L68 to L73 ?
L74A1   12ga Pump Action Riot Gun.
L75 to L80 ?
L81A1   7.62mm Cadet Target Rifle, version of the Parker Hale M82 sniper rifle.
L82 to L84 ?
L85A1   5.56mm Individual Weapon (SA 80), British general issue 'bull-pup' assault rifle.
L86A1   5.56mm Light Support Weapon, LMG version of L85, with bipod.
L87 & L88  ?
L89A1   9mm Instructional Automatic Pistol.
L90A1   9mm Submachine Gun.
L91       9mm Submachine Gun?
L92       9mm Submachine Gun?
L93       ?
L94A1   7.62mm Machine Gun, Chain. Hughes EX34 chain gun applied to new generation AFVs.
L95A1   7.62mm Machine Gun, Chain. Further development of Hughes EX34 chain gun, applied to new AFVs. 
L96A1   7.62mm Sniper Rifle, Acc.Intn'l. 700m iron sight, 6x42 Schmidt & Bender scope. SAS silenced model, sub-sonic ammo.
L97       ?
L98A1   5.56mm Cadet General Purpose rifle. Manually operated single-shot version of  L85A1 EWS.
L99 to L101 ?
L102A1 Pistol, Automatic (Walther P5 Compact)
L103     DP L85 (SA 80)
L115     .338-in. Accuracy International Sniper Rifle
L119     5.56mm Diemaco Light Support Weapon (M16)
XL64     4.85mm right hand Individual Weapon
XL65     4.85mm right hand Light Support Weapon
XL68     4.85mm left hand Individual Weapon
XL69     4.85mm left hand Light Support Weapon
XL70     5.56mm right hand Individual Weapon
XL73     5.56mm right hand Light Support Weapon
XL76     37mm ARWEN
XL77     37mm ARWEN

R.S.A.F. Enfield (then M.O.D. Nottingham) produced the H&K 9mm MP5A3 SMG and variants for S.A.S., counter-terrorist squads and commercial sale, although it does not appear to have been awarded an L-series designation.

   'C'-prefix Nomenclature
Canadian post-1956 small arms utilized a 'C' rather than 'L' prefix. World War 2 arms also saw the application of a 'C' prefix to designate Canadian production and/or issue.
C No.4 Mk I & Mk I* Lee-Enfield and (T) sniper variants
C No.7 Mk I .22 trainer
C1       9mm Sterling SMG
C1       7.62mm FAL rifle
C1A1   upgraded 7.62mm C1 FAL rifle
C2A1   7.62mm FAL heavy barrel, auto rifle 
C3A1   7.62mm Sniper rifle
C3       7.62mm converted M1919A4 Browning MG
C3 rifle 7.62mm Parker Hale M82 Sniper Rifle in Canadian service.
C6       7.62mm MAG 58 GPMG (flexible or co-axial roles)
C7       5.56mm Diemarco M16
C7A1   5.56mm Diemarco M16 with optical sight
C8       5.56mm M16 carbine (shorty)
C9       5.56mm Minimi LMG
C9A1    5.56mm Minimi LMG with optical sight
C11      7.62mm Target Rifle
C12A1  7.62mm Target Rifle with optical sight
C28A1  Canadian Cooey rifle with pistol grip modification for drill purpose


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